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Description of the Medal Project

In the Mediterranean basin a lack of information about reliable ancient metals conservation, storage and exhibition methods and materials exists and the dissemination of the already acquired knowledge and experience could reduce such deficit by developing tailored specific information tools.
The most important literature references and procedures will be reported for offering specific guided information also by using video.
In order to locally disseminate information, one week workshops will be held in Turkey and Syria dedicated to innovative diagnostic tools, methods and materials for conservation of ancient metal artefacts and storage and exhibition planning. These workshops will be transformed in videos and they will be published on the web-site.
In addition, during the 15th month of the project (June 2008) a two weeks stage for Mediterranean young researchers will be organised in Italy and experimental training on innovative diagnostic tools will be organised.
Finally, at the end of the project a Conference (March 2009) will be held in Egypt for building a Mediterranean forum with EU representatives, conservators and policy makers where to discuss the MB needs and expectations and how knowledge, technology and dissemination activities carried out during the previous European projects may be collectively evaluated and transformed in an improved valorisation of ancient metal artefact

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